Technical Video

Vantage with Sri Raghavan

Despite having access to more data than ever, companies continue to struggle to turn analytics into answers. That's because analytics can be complex, posing barriers to getting real-time answers and driving high-value outcomes.

Hear from advanced analytics expert, Sri Raghavan, as he provides a comprehensive expert walkthrough of Teradata Vantage™ in action. Vantage is a leading analytics platform. It's part of a modern cloud architecture that unifies analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses in the cloud.  

Watch as Raghavan takes a deep dive into Vantage’s analytic functions. He demonstrates how to use native path analytics and a machine learning model to solve a real-world use case of a retailer needing to understand customer behaviors in order to predict those likely to churn.  

See how you can use your programming language of choice, including SQL, Python, and R, and native Vantage functions to get answers quickly. Also find out firsthand how Vantage delivers scalability, performance, and ecosystem compatibility to solve problems and deliver answers.