Data Architecture: OMG! It's Made of People

Data Architecture: OMG! It's Made of People
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Do you have data? Do you have users? Do you use that data to solve problems for the users? Then somewhere in there you have to create an architecture to hold and manage that data. Maybe your architecture is organic and accidental, or maybe it's an accumulation of the latest technologies you heard about on Reddit. Spoiler: data architecture is about the people, not the latest framework or AI model. Data architecture is about enabling your users to be productive, not just rushing to add the next "shiny object" and blame the users for using it wrong.

In this LinkedIn Live session, Kevin Bogusch, Ecosystem Architect, chats with Mark Madsen, Fellow at the Teradata Innovation Office, on the crucial roles you're missing in a successful data architecture: people and process. Find out why Mark says, “don’t buy one problem to solve another problem."