Teradata Data Lab

Drive innovation & insight with a self-service analytics environment

Exploit market opportunties & react rapidly to competitive pressure with an agile analytic exploratory environment 

Meeting your business needs

Promote Exploration & Experimentation

A Teradata Data Lab lets you explore and examine new ideas by combining new data with existing data so it's easy to identify new trends and insight or react to immediate business issues. Learn More
Teradata Integrated Analytics

Analytics On-Demand

Business analysts are less dependent on IT and Hadoop personnel to experiment with their data, so productivity soars with a self-provisioning and managing environment. Learn More
Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop

Fits into your Data Warehouse Architecture

Teradata Data Lab is designed to work within your Teradata data warehouse architecture, workload management, security and governance process. In addition, built-in expiration dates and size limits keep labs from growing out of control. Learn More
Teradata Unified Data Architecture™

Self-Service BI

Once analysts become familiar with their data lab environment, self-provisioning and management capabilities will enable them to become highly self-sufficient. Analysts can quickly and easily self-load experimental data from .csv, Excel or Hadoop with Teradata SQL-H and Teradata Studio’s smart loader capability. Learn More
Teradata Studio
Teradata Data Lab

Fast & Efficient

Your Teradata Data Lab is a rapid exploration and development environment that accelerates and simplifies the process for business users. Users can provision space then load and join new data with production data, reducing data replication and movement. Learn More

Collaborative Environment

Teradata Data Lab breaks down barriers of individual personal marts with a shareable work space. Analysts can easily share their analytic data and results with others to promote collaboration and improve productivity. Learn More

Governance & Control

With Teradata Data Lab, you can utilize your current workload management solution to manage and minimize impact to your production users. Since data labs are built into Teradata, the data lab also follows database security protocols, providing you a secure place to combine sensitive data stored in Teradata with your potentially unsecured Hadoop data. Learn More
Teradata Viewpoint
Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop

Maximize Value & Cost Savings

With Teradata Data Lab, it’s a win-win for both IT and the Business by realizing smarter utilization of hardware, software and network resources. IT can eliminate the day-to-day management of data marts and load requests, while the Business can eliminate the cost of personal data marts. Learn More

Automate Management

The Lab Setup wizard simplifies implementation of the data lab environment by guiding your DBA through the entire process, from creating private labs to controlling user permissions. In addition, Data labs are created with size limits and expiration dates to automate governance. Learn More


"The Data Lab is another critical innovation for Bouygues Telecom. It provides each business unit with a private “sandbox” for creating experimental designs, one-time BI requests, and ad hoc queries."

Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D, President, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

The Intelligent Telecommunications Company

As the largest telecom in France, Bouygues Telecom had accumulated over 300 separate data marts. They chose to build an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that consolidated their analytic data and then distribute or give access to the BI results and analytics to the various departments and external entities. 

They created a self-service data lab ("sandbox") inside the data warehouse to provide fast solutions and quick answers to time-to-market questions. As a result, the company achieved a whopping 33% cost savings. Furthermore, the Teradata environment sustained linear scalability and remarkable performance even as the data volumes and number of users grew.

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